Our Purpose



“Joyfully Experiencing the Heart of the Redeemer”

Committed to following the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:37-39),
fulfilling the Great Commission
(Matthew 28:19-20),
and fostering the Great Culture of the church
(Ephesians 4:11-13),
Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church exists so that people of all ages joyfully experience the heart of the Redeemer.
I.    TO Exalt God     (Matthew 22:37)
      God created us to have a personal relationship with himself. We will be a people who have a personal relationship with God that is fostered and maintained by prayer, praise and thanksgiving.
a.       Members will demonstrate their relationship with God by attending every worship opportunity.
b.       Worshipers will experience Spirit-filled, celebrative worship that honors and glorifies God.
c.       A variety of worship forms and times will be offered that are culturally relevant, Biblically sound, and involve participants of all ages.
d.       The average number of worshipers per week will increase from year to year.
e.       Every congregation-sponsored activity will acknowledge the presence of God by including prayer and/or devotions.
f.         Members will be equipped to apply the discipline of prayer in their corporate and private lives.
g.       An increasing percentage of members will be involved in a defined prayer ministry from year to year.
h.       The membership will be known in the community as “a people of prayer.”
II.   TO Edify one another     (Matthew 22:39)
God has called us to build up and care for people both within and without our local congregation. We will be a people who treasure and celebrate each individuals uniqueness, including race, culture, ability, and language.
a.       Members will be involved in appropriate church and community groups that meet the physical and emotional needs of individuals and people groups within our local community, our nation, and our world.
b.       Members and others will have their emotional and physical needs met by our ministries.
c.       Members will be placed into H.O.M.E. groups (Homes Open for Ministry and Encouragement) that foster Christian friendships, witness, and care.
d.       Members will be equipped to care for one another.
e.       Members will practice Christian stewardship of their physical lives.

III. TO EncouragE Christians toward Spiritual maturity     (Hebrews 6:1)

God’s Word is the power for every believer’s life. We will be a people who use God’s Word to encourage, counsel, and guide each other in the Christian life toward spiritual maturity.
a.       An increasing number of members and others will participate frequently in group Bible study.
b.       A variety of Bible studies will be offered to meet participant’s needs and interests.
c.       Members will bring their Bibles to worship, meetings, and study opportunities.
d.       All staff, ministry coordinators, and leadership will participate in group Bible study. 
e.       Parents will be encouraged and equipped to be the primary teachers of the Faith to their children.
f.         The congregation will operate a growing school that will apply Biblical teaching throughout its curriculum in order to support parents in their responsibility to nurture their children in the Christian faith and life.
g.       An increasing percentage of member families will enroll their children in the school.
h.       The number of members who practice the Biblical stewardship of time, talents, and treasures will increase from year to year.
IV. TO Equip Christians for service     (Ephesians 4:11-13)
Service is one of the tangible expressions of the Christian faith; it is a mark of the church which defines and illustrates the body of Christ. We will be a people who are equipped to serve one another and our community as Christ serves each one of us.
a.       Members will be equipped to recognize their Spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities, and live them out in appropriate ministries.
b.       An increasing percentage of members will serve in a defined ministry at least one hour per week.
c.       The number and/or size of service ministries designed to foster spiritual growth, emotional support, or relationship building will increase from year to year.
d.       Workshops, seminars, and classes will be offered to equip members for service in defined areas of ministry.
V. TO EvangelizE the world for Christ     (Matthew 28:19-20)
God’s kingdom extends far beyond the local congregation.  We will be a people who creatively start and support new Gospel ministries in our midst, in our community, and worldwide.
a.       Worship guests will be given a welcoming experience that excites them to worship frequently.
b.       All local worship guests will receive a personal contact.
c.       A majority of new adult members will be received through confirmation or profession of faith.
d.       A “culture of witness” will be promoted and maintained by equipping members to share the Faith.
e.       Members will be equipped to effectively give personal testimony of their faith to friends and family.
f.         The school and other children’s ministries will reach out to un-churched families.    
g.       Christ the Redeemer will be a “first-fruits” tithing congregation. At least 10% of the gifts received will be given to support the work of District and Synod.
h.       Christ the Redeemer will work with the District and other LCMS congregations to effectively grow its witness to the community.


  September 2021  
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