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The Three Battlegrounds of Spiritual Warfare

The Mind, The Church, & The Heavenly Places

Adult & High School Sunday Learning Hour

10:30-11:30 am

Café on Jordan’s Bank

I.    The Battleground of The Mind

Recall that the location where Jesus was crucified was called “Golgotha,”

which meant “place of the skull.” If we will be effective in spiritual warfare,

the first field of conflict where we must learn warfare is the battleground of the mind; i.e., “place of the skull.” For the territory of the uncrucified thought-life is the beachhead of satanic assault in our lives. To defeat the devil, we must be renewed in the spirit of our minds!


            August 27, 2017 The Battleground of the Mind (Part 1)

    Satan’s Domain & the Stronghold of the Godly

Many Christians debate whether the devil is on the earth or in hell; can he live in Christians or only in the world? The fact is, the devil is in darkness. Wherever there is spiritual darkness, there the devil will be.


September 17, 2017 The Battleground of the Mind  (Part 2)

Satan’s Strongholds & 3 Sources of Satan’s Strongholds

There are satanic strongholds over countries and communities, and there are strongholds which influence churches and individuals. Wherever a stronghold exists, it is a demonically induced pattern of thinking. Specifically, it is a “house made of thoughts” which has become a dwelling place for satanic activity.


September 24, 2017 The Battleground of the Mind  (Part 3)

The Armor of Christ’s Likeness & Peace in the Battle

T he purpose of all aspects of spirituality, warfare included, is to bring us into the image of Christ. Nothing, not worship nor warfare, neither love nor deliverance, is truly attainable if we miss the singular objective of our faith: Christlikeness.


II. The Battleground of the Church

The other churches in our cities are not our enemies! We must learn to war against the illusions and strife, the fears and jealousies that are sent from hell to divide us. The devil knows that when we become one with Christ and, through him, one with each other, it is only a matter of time before this church will destroy the empire of hell.


October 1, 2017 Battleground of the Church (Part 1)

           The Presence of Christ & Satan’s Stronghold of Cold Love

Of all the names the Father could have given his Son, it is most significant that he chose the name “Jesus,” for Jesus is the Greek form of “Joshua,” the Hebrew general who led the Israelites into warfare. To be prepared for greater victories, we need a greater vision of Jesus Christ; we need to see him as the Holy Warrior, dressed for battle.


             October 8, 2017 The Battleground of the Church (Part 2)

 Utilizing God’s Gift of Discernment

The Holy Spirit speaks in dreams, visions, and prophetic words, but much of what will be revealed will actually come through our capacity to perceive correctly. The Scriptures reveal that Jesus perceived the thoughts of men “in his Spirit.” So also with us, if we will move in divine discernment, our view of life must be purged of human thoughts and reactions.


October 15, 2017 The Battleground of the Church (Part 3)

Repairing the “Breach”

Satan has conditioned believers to accept that strife, division, and sectarianism are accepted within the Church on earth. But an increased level of holiness will result in a new level of unity within the Church. Fault-finding and gossip will disappear. In their place will be intercession and love. The division we see today between believers and congregations needs to be identified as sins, and be repented.


October 22, 2017 The Battleground of the Church (Part 4)

Casting Down the “Accuser”

When the scriptural approach to rectifying a situation is ignored, it opens the door to fault-finding, fleshly criticisms, and judging. These are evidences that the “accuser of the brethren” is assaulting the church. Where these sins are operative, the movement of the Holy Spirit is restricted--salvations are few, power is minimal, and spiritual authority is crippled. Such a church is in serious danger.


III. The Battleground of the Heavenly Places

The last frontier of battle is the heavenly places, the dimension known today as the spirit realm. It is here that angels and demons wage their war for our cities and churches; this dimension is enemy territory. Only a citywide, Christ-centered church can displace the powers of darkness from the spirit realm.


November 5, 2017 The Battleground of the Heavenly Places (Part 1)

The War Over Reality

Created in the image of God, we were given the power to imagine, as well as the ability to define and establish reality. And, operating within the boundaries set by God, we do this, for better or worse, according to the free will that we have. As we understand this, we see that the essence of spiritual warfare is in who shall define reality: the Word of God or the illusions of this present age.


November 12, 2017 The Battleground of the Heavenly Places (Part 2)

Exposing the Spirit of Antichrist

There is an order of beings whose iron fists rules the empire of hell; their cloud of evil darkens nearly every facet of life on earth. To overthrow this wicked kingdom and succeed victoriously in our warfare, we must discern our enemies and set to flight these commanders of darkness.


November 19, 2017 The Battleground of the Heavenly Places (Part 3)

Discerning, and Strategy Against, the Spirit of Jezebel

We are going to confront a stronghold of immense proportions. It is a way of thinking that exists unchecked in most churches. We are going to expose and then destroy the hiding places of Jezebel.


November 26, 2017 The Battleground of the Heavenly Places (Part 4)

Discerning, and Strategy Against, the Spirit of Babylon

The Spirit of Babylon is the spirit of compromise with the world. Wherever there is compromise in our hearts with the devil, that compromise places us on the back of a beast that ultimately seeks our destruction.


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